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    Having your book name on Wikipedia can be a great way to increase exposure and credibility for your book. It can help readers find your book and give them more information about it. Additionally, it can help other authors, researchers, and scholars learn more about your work.

    1. First Create A Wikipedia Page For A Book. The page should include an introduction to the book, a synopsis of the plot, and any other relevant information about the book, its author, and its publication.

    2. Request an ISBN number. An ISBN number is an international standard for books and is required by Wikipedia for books to be included in their database.

    3. Submit your book to Wikipedia. You can do this via the “Submit a New Article” link at the top of the Wikipedia main page.

    4. Ensure your book is cited on other Wikipedia pages. This is important as it shows that your book has been referenced by other sources, thus making it more likely to be accepted by Wikipedia.

    5. Monitor your book’s Wikipedia page. Once your book is accepted, you should monitor it regularly to ensure that any inaccuracies or errors are corrected.

    6. Ask for feedback. Ask friends, family and peers to review your book’s page on Wikipedia and provide feedback. This can help you identify any areas that need improvement.

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